New Privacy and Cookie Policy Feature

Below is just a quick update about a few changes on the School Jotter platform associated with GDPR.

  • A new feature has been created, a optional pop-up feature to display a generic School Jotter Privacy and Cookie policy or link to your own policy. 
  • To enable this option, log into your School Jotter site and locate to Manage>Settings>Additional Options. Here you will see two fields regarding the pop-up 'Privacy and Cookies Popup' and 'Privacy and Cookies Page'.
  •  The 'Privacy and Cookies Popup' option allows us to turn this feature on or off, and where on the site you would like this positioned. The 'Privacy and Cookies Page' field, gives you the option of where this pop-up will link to, for example this can link to our generic policy, or to any page on your website where your own Privacy policy is.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at